Emergency Management Resource Guide


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School Plan
  Cover Page
  Staff Skills Inventory
  ERTeam Assignment
  Students Need Assist
  Master Need Assist
  Hazard Hunt
  Hazard Hunt/Master
  Assembly Area
  Altern. Building/Walking
  Altern. Building/Trans.
  Student Accounting
  Training Schedule
  Drill Schedule & Log
Team "Tool Box"
Creating Response Plan
Forming EM Team
Steps Team Formation
ICS/Team Roles


School Plan

School Planning Guides

Emergency Response Procedures

    Emergency Management Resource Guide
     (Printable Full PDF Format {146 pages})

School Plan/Emergency Response/Recovery
 (above sections in PDF Format {89 pages})

Creating Response Plan
Forming the Emergency Management Team
Suggested Steps of Team Formation
ICS/ Team Roles and Responsibilities

Universal Procedures
     Accidents at School
Aircraft Emergency
Allergic Reaction
 Bomb Threat

Bomb Threat Report
 Bus Accident
 Chemical Material Spill
 Death or Serious Illness
 Gas Leak
 Hostage Situation
Rape/Sexual Abuse
 Threat of Harm
Weather Related Emergency

School Planning Templates (Forms)

    Cover Page
Staff Skills Inventory
Emergency Management Response Team  Assignments
Universal Emergency Procedures
Students Needing Assistance (Form)
Students Needing Assist (Master Form)
Hazard Hunt (Classroom Form)
Hazard Hunt (Mitigation)
Outdoor Assembly Area
Alternate Building (Walking)
Alternate Building (Transport)
Student Release (Policy and Form)
Drill Schedule and Log
Orientation and Safety Event/Training
Emergency Toolbox Checklist
Visitor Screening

After Action Review Report
School Plan Forms (Kenton Co. Data Fill-In)

Emergency Management Resource Guide
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