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Message from the Executive Director 

It is with great pride that we, at the Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCSS), present this 2008 revision of the EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT RESOURCE GUIDE More so now than ever before, schools are faced with ongoing challenges. They must be prepared for a wide-range of emergency situations from natural disasters to threats of violence.  Although schools may have established procedures for dealing with many emergency situations, many do not have these protocols collected in a coordinated, concise manner that are reviewed annually.  This document is designed to assist during the planning stage both at the school and district levels.

Schools are under extreme pressure to produce and sustain academic growth and it is the belief of the Kentucky Center for School Safety that this can best be accomplished in a safe and nurturing school environment. This environment must have a current, viable  emergency response plan, and promote caring relationships between students and staff.  It is a combination of a comprehensive safety plan and strong healthy relationships that a safe environment can truly exist within our schools.

With Best Regards,

 Jon R. Akers

Jon R. Akers, Executive Director
Kentucky Center for School Safety



Emergency Management Resource Guide
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