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Suggested Steps for Team Formation

Suggested Steps for Team Formation

1.      Principal communicates with all staff identifying specific needs,  skills and training for assignment  on the Emergency Response Team (see Staff Skills Inventory). Principal or designee creates list of interested staff, making sure all major areas of need are addressed, including:

·        Physical/medical needs

·        Emotional/mental health needs

·        Students with special needs

·        Staff from all areas of the building (different floors, wings, out-buildings, etc.)

·        Staff with knowledge of transportation needs

·        Staff with knowledge of the building floor plan, locks, etc.

·        Staff with knowledge of community resources

2.      A meeting is held with potential team members to discuss what will be expected for team membership.

3.      Principal/facility director or designee follows-up with all staff to update on Team formation, and to fill in areas where deficits exist (NOTE: Although an individual may seem “perfect” for a role, no one should be required to have a primary position on an emergency team if he/she does not feel capable of fulfilling his/her duties in time of need).

4.   An initial meeting is held to formally establish the Emergency Response Team, and to begin the process of developing the school’s Emergency Management Response Plan.

5.      Conduct a formal presentation during a staff/faculty meeting at the beginning of each school year.

6.      Hold regular team meetings throughout the school year to review protocols and ongoing issues as they arise (may include local, state or national issues that may affect the school).

7.      Set dates to conduct orientation, review and updates of the plan.


Emergency Management Resource Guide
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