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ICS/ Emergency Management Response Team Roles and Responsibilities

The principal, as Incident Commander (IC) is in charge.  As appropriate, the IC activates those in the Incident



Incident Command:


Responsible for development of school’s plan and overall management of emergency situations; establish/manage Command Post; activate ICS; determine strategies to implement protocols and adapt as needed

Safety Official:

Security, Law Enforcement

Monitor safety conditions of an emergency situation and develop measures for ensuring the safety of building occupants (students, staff, volunteers, responders); document activities

Public Information Official:

Media Liaison

Develop relationship with local media reps.; prepare media releases; establish “media center” near Command Post; coordinate information with Incident Commander and District Support Team; document activities

Liaison Official:

Liaison to Outside Agencies

Develop working knowledge of local/regional agencies; serve as the primary on-scene contact for outside agencies assigned to an incident; assist in accessing services when the need arises; document activities


Situation Analysis

Assist Incident Commander in the collection and evaluation of information about an incident as it develops (including site map and area map of related events); assist with ongoing planning efforts; maintain incident time log; document activities


Student Accounting & Release

Analyze school staffing to develop a Student Accounting and Release Plan (accounting from individual teachers to Student Accounting and Release to Command Post); implement plan in an emergency; document activities


Facility & Environmental

Monitor site utilities (electric, gas, water, HVAC) shut off only if danger exists or directed by Incident Commander; assist in securing facility); document activities


First Aid, CPR, Medical

Establish medical triage with staff trained in first aid, CPR; provide/oversee care given to the injured; distribute supplies (latex gloves, bandages, etc.); request additional supplies from Logistics; document activities


Crisis Intervention & Response

Provide and access psychological first aid services for those in need (working with “Operations: Medical”); access local/regional providers for ongoing crisis counseling for students, staff, parents; document activities


Food, water, sanitation

Coordinate the rationed distribution of food and water (prolonged emergencies); establish secondary toilet facilities in the event of water or plumbing failure; request needed supplies from Logistics; document activities



Establish/oversee communications center and activities during an emergency (two-way radio, battery-powered radio, written updates, etc.); develop telephone tree for after-hours communication; document activities



Responsible to establish and maintain “Emergency Team Toolbox” (fresh batteries, etc.); coordinate access to and distribution of supplies during an emergency; monitor inventory of supplies and equipment; document activities

Administration & Finance:


Responsible for overall documentation and record keeping activities; when possible, photograph or videotape damage to property; develop a system to monitor and track expenses and financial losses; secure all records

Emergency Management Resource Guide
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