Emergency Management Resource Guide







Emergency Team "Toolbox"

Emergency Team “Toolbox”

 Each school’s Emergency Response Team should consider developing a “toolbox” to have available for use during an emergency situation.  Items in the toolbox should not be used for anything other than emergency preparedness training activities.  A member of the Emergency Response Team should be assigned to keep the toolbox updated (change batteries, update phone numbers, etc.).  The toolbox should be portable and readily accessible for use in an emergency.

q     Copies of the all forms completed in the development of the school or
       facility Emergency Response Plan (Chain of Command, Students
       Needing Assistance, etc.)

q     Map of  building(s) with location of Exits, Phones, First Aid Kits, Assembly Areas

q     Blueprints of school building(s), including utilities

q     Videotape/DVD of inside and outside of the building and grounds

q     Map of local streets with evacuation route (Alternate Building Location
      requiring Transport)

q     Flash lights (recommend the type that does not require batteries).

q     First aid kit and latex gloves (and other types for latex-sensitive persons)

q     Faculty/staff roster (including emergency contacts)

q     Student roster (including emergency contacts for parents)

q     Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

q     Two-way radios and/or cellular phones available

q     Battery powered AM/FM radio and spare batteries (wind-up radios)

q     Several legal pads and ball point pens

q     Grease boards and markers (or dry erase boards)

q     White peel-off stickers and markers (for name tags permanent markers)

q     Local telephone directory

q     Lists of the district personnel’s phone, fax, and beeper numbers

q     Lists of other emergency phone numbers

q    Other                                                                                                                                           

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