Tuesday December 01st 2020

School Safety Funding

The Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCSS) Board of Directors approved a formula for the distribution of these funds to all KY school districts beginning in FY 2001. Thanks to the General Assembly and Governor Beshear, school safety funding is being restored to the FY08 level by 2016. This will be phased-in over the next two years. The Board of Directors has approved a new formula to be used for the calculation of district allocations in FY 2015 and is as follows: $14,500 base for each district with the remaining funds distributed on a “per pupil” basis. For FY 2015, the per pupil amount of $6.28 is based on attendance data collected at the end of the second school month for school year 2014. The total amount of the safe schools allocation available for distribution to Kentucky school districts in FY 2015 is $6,352,800.

To view letter sent to superintendents click here

KCSS does request that districts complete the Safe Schools Allocation Report for FY15 to update district files. This information will continue to enable KCSS staff to accurately describe to various constituency groups the programmatic services offered with safe schools funds. In addition to the completion of this report, districts are required to include a financial summary (final MUNIS report) outlining the use of their safe schools funds in FY 2015. Please submit the completed information to the KCSS office at Eastern Kentucky University by November 7, 2014.

The Safe Schools funding allocations will again be included in the Flexible Focus Fund (FFF) established in 2004 by the KY General Assembly. The FFF was created to permit local school districts additional flexibility in the distribution of program funds while still addressing the statutory requirements to serve specific student populations.

To download the Kentucky Center for School Safety Safe Schools Allocation Report click here

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