Sunday January 17th 2021
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Parent Aggression

Dr. David May is a staff member of the Kentucky Center for School Safety was one of the authors of the parent aggression study.

KCSS Parent Aggression Resources

Educators' Perceptions of Causes and Consequences of Problematic Parental Behavior In Kentucky Public Schools this report starts with the realization that information regarding the existence of parental aggression toward teachers is lacking... the focus group solicited information regarding the following issues from participants: (1) Definition of parental aggression, (2) Forms of parental aggression, (3) Frequency and extent of parental aggression, (4) Issues around which parental aggression arises, (5) Current responses to parental aggression, and (6) Possible recommendations for dealing with aggressive parents... (Kentucky Center for School Safety)

Problematic Parental Behavior in Kentucky Schools written by David May, Ph.D.
"Breaking News-Government Demands Schools Display Zero Tolerance Posters Warning Parents of Prosecution for any Assault on Teachers or other Staff". If you read this, you may not be completely shocked, but you would probably be surprised. (Kentucky Center for School Safety)

Communicating Expectations for Parental Behavior –  Jon Akers, Executive Director, Kentucky Center for School Safety - Kentucky School Leader – Since 2003, the Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCS) has conducted  971 Safe School Assessments across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. … KCSS conducted two statewide studies concerning parental aggression …