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All children need to know that others care and understand them. Empathy or listening to another person and putting yourself in their shoes is hard to do.  Empathy is a skill that needs to be taught so that students learn this by instruction or example.  Schools in Finland are incorporating this in their curriculum daily and several U.S. schools are working in this direction too. Today the world is seen so much through technology and the tendency is to disconnect from the human elements of feeling. There are some resources available that will hopefully help to promote and incorporate this as it becomes an integral part of each school day. When others feelings become important their safety and well-being will be a priority.


Developing Empathy Through Retold Fairy TalesDeveloping Empathy Through Retold Fairy Tales  - KET Education – PBS Learning - Learning about empathy helps students connect to others within their family, class, community, and beyond. ... As an optional extension activity, students write about an experience from their own life regarding empathy. ... Prep for Teachers. Examine the media resources to familiarize yourself with the lesson content.

Teacher's Guide: Empathy (Grades 3 to 5)Teacher's Guide: Empathy (Grades 3 to 5) - KidsHealth in the Classroom - Students will: Comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance health. Demonstrate the ability to access valid information and products and services to enhance health. Demonstrate the ability to use interpersonal communication skills to enhance health and avoid or reduce health risks.

4 Proven Strategies for Teaching Empathy4 Proven Strategies for Teaching Empathy - Edutopia  - Here are some strategies our graduates around the world use with their students to help develop both affective and cognitive empathy. Modeling. Teaching Point of View. Using Literature to Teach Different Perspectives. Listening Actively to Others. Being Metacognitive About One's State of Empathy.

Developing Empathy, Teaching ToleranceDeveloping Empathy | Teaching Tolerance – Teaching Tolerance – Grades 5-8 - This lesson helps students gain a deeper understanding of empathy and how to put it into practice. …

40 Kindness Activities & Empathy Worksheets for Students and Adults40 Kindness Activities & Empathy Worksheets for Students and Adults – Positive Psychology Program –  Read on to learn how to target kindness and empathy development, building on our natural tendencies and enhancing our capacity to care about others. …

A Toolkit for Promoting Empathy in Schools - Start Empathy A Toolkit for Promoting Empathy in Schools - Start Empathy - Practicing empathy leads to improved classroom management and more time for learning. Students arrive each day ready to learn, and teachers are better equipped to deal with the social and emotional needs of their students. Schools that are committed to empathetic teaching and practices enjoy improved teacher efficacy.

We All Teach SEL: Empathy Activities and Tools for StudentsWe All Teach SEL: Empathy Activities and Tools for Students ... Common Sense Education -  Building SEL (social and emotional learning) skills such as empathy requires face-to-face interactions, meaningful discussion, and reflection. Edtech is no complete substitute for that, but there are tools that can supplement the development of character in the classroom and at home.

Empathy in Your ClassroomEmpathy in Your Classroom: TRY THESE ACTIVITIES TO BUILD EMPATHY AND COMMUNITY – The Teachers Guild – In a 10-week design journey, The Teachers Guild asked its network of optimistic educators across the country to design and share ideas to cultivate empathy in their classrooms. This project generated over a hundred solutions, and sparked active conversations on and offline about the limits of empathy in schools and the ...


Operation RespectOperation Respect is a non-profit organization working to assure each child and youth a respectful, safe and compassionate climate of learning... Founded by Peter Yarrow of the folk group Peter, Paul & Mary, the organization disseminates educational resources that are designed to establish a climate that reduces the emotional and physical cruelty some children inflict up on each other… With music and other integrated arts activities included in each lesson, links to Common Core Standards, and grade level specific modifications, Don’t Laugh at Me engages students in experiences and learning through four cornerstone themes.  …establishing a peaceful, supportive learning environment … (Free Resource)

inspirEDinspirED - born out of a partnership between Facebook and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence—is an online community designed by educators, teens, and experts in social and emotional learning (SEL) to help high school students and educators work together to create the best possible learning communities. Resources, designed by teens, educators, and SEL experts, empower students to work together to create more positive school climates and foster greater wellbeing in their schools and communities. (Free)

Tap Into Empathy and Respect and You Can ConnectTap Into Empathy and Respect and You Can Connect - Committee for Children - The Second Step curriculum includes lessons on listening and empathy, and the lessons are grounded in respect. Students learn to notice and recognize how another person is feeling, and understand that people can have different feelings about the same thing.

Olweus - Success StoryOlweus - Success Story - Violence Prevention Works - (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) Woodland Hills High School senior Molly Means, 17, said the anti-bullying program has made a difference at her school. Hillary Mangis, Carlynton School District's school psychologist and an Olweus trainer says,  "It teaches character education like: … What is it to be an empathetic person?" … Olweus Bullying Prevention Program – To find out more about Olweus training for your school or district, contact Victoria Fields or Sherri Clusky at (502) 564-4772 (Kentucky Department of Education)  


Famous Empathy Quotes - These can be used to drive instruction as wrtiting prompts, etc.
  • "I do not ask the wounded person how he feels, I myself become the wounded person."         Walt Whitman
  • "When I get ready to talk to people, I spend two thirds of the time thinking what they want to hear and one third thinking about what I want to say."                                                                 Abraham Lincoln
  • "Yet, taught by time, my heart has learned to glow for other's good, and melt at other's woe." Homer


Sesame Street: Mark Ruffalo: EmpathySesame Street: Mark Ruffalo: Empathy – YouTube - Video for Sesame Street empathy episode. Mark Ruffalo and Murray talk about the word "Empathy".

Animated Story of SpookleyAnimated Story of Spookley - YouTube - Elementary Lesson Plan - Spookley the Square Pumpkin by Pacer is a square pumpkin who lives in a round pumpkin patch world. Spookley helps students understand that everyone is unique and has feelings.

How Full is Your Bucket? For KidsHow Full is Your Bucket? For Kids  – YouTube - Through the story of a little boy named Felix, this book explains to children how being kind not only helps others, it helps them, too. As he goes about his day, Felix interacts with different people … Using the metaphor of a bucket and dipper, Felix' grandfather explains why the happy people make Felix feel good, while the others leave him feeling bad -- and how Felix himself is affecting others, whether he means to or not.

The Most Inspirational video - EmpathyThe Most Inspirational video - Empathy – YouTube -  Inspirational video made for Cleveland Clinic  - If we could see inside other peoples hearts --- "Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant" Henry David Thoreau

Under The Surface - Empathy Film"Under The Surface" - Empathy Film – YouTube - The Knowledge Center, Inc. - "If you had knowledge of others experience" -- "You only understand people if you feel them in yourself." John Steinbeck.