Sunday January 17th 2021

Emergency Management Planning

This EILA approved training is designed to identify and discuss the need for schools to work closely with local, state, and federal health, safety, and emergency personnel. The need to develop and actively maintain local emergency management plans for coping with a variety of emergency response situations is critical. Schools recognize the need to have plans that outline how they are working to keep their schools safe. This training will provide the latest examples of best practices for school emergency management plans. The training will cover how to develop and implement your emergency management plan and the latest information and resources for preparing communities, first responders, and families for emergencies.

To learn more and to request training for your district, please complete the You can also find this and other training opportunities online at

For more information or to schedule a training for your school, please complete technical assistance training application and fax to Dan Orman at 502-783-1449 or email to
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