Sunday January 17th 2021

Bullying Prevention Training

For any interested party who wants to learn more about bullying in general and especially the impact that parents and adults have:

The presentation covers:
  • Legislative issues surrounding bullying
  • How to identify bullying
  • Shattering the myths about bullying
  • Characteristics of bullies and victims
  • Affects of bullying on bystanders, bullies, and victims
  • How to prevent bullying
  • Importance of parent and adult activation
  • Internet and Cyber-bullying
  • Resources available to Parents and Educators
Time Involved:

The training is a 45 minute presentation with a 15 minute question and answer session at the end. (The training can be modified to meet the needs of the services agency.)

Maximum number of participants: 100

For more information or to schedule a Bully Prevention training for your school, please complete the technical assistance training application and fax Dan Orman at 502-783-1449 or contact
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