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Position Papers & Issues Briefs

The Kentucky Center for School Safety occasionally becomes aware of a school safety theme or critical issue that it feels needs in-depth research and discussion. As these questions surface, the KCSS partners and the KCSS School Safety Fellow work together to gather data and provide context in the form of what will eventually become a topical paper that encapsulates the information gathered.

The school uniform issue surfaces often as a hot topic that school systems across the Commonwealth struggle to address. As a result, the KCSS staff searched resources on a national and state level, creating two separate issues briefs on school uniforms available here. In addition, interagency collaboration has created a high level of interest in forging workable documents that define and specify the role each agency is to play in the collaboration. The KCSS provides a template for the creation of Memorandums of Agreement which may be modified to suit individual situations.

As these themes come to the attention of the KCSS, they will be researched and made available on this website. While KCSS holds the copyright to these materials, unless otherwise noted, you are free to use this information with appropriate citation.

Issues Brief #1 School Uniforms
Issues Brief #2 Kentucky School Uniform Survey Results
Issues Brief #3 Creating Working Memorandums of Agreement
Issues Brief #4 Background Checks for School Volunteers
Issues Brief #5 2002 Principal Survey Research
Issues Brief #6 Crisis Response and Emergency Management
Issues Brief #7 Preparing, Responding and Recovering from Attack
Issues Brief #8 SRO Memorandum of Agreement (other samples are available upon request)
Issues Brief #9 Online Bullying and Hate Crimes
Issues Brief #10 Best Practice in Alternative Education
Issues Brief #11 Effective In-School Suspension Programs
Issues Brief #12 School Characteristics Related to the Use of Suspension
Issues Brief #13 Real Costs of Dropping Out in Kentucky
Issues Brief #14 School Resource Officer (SRO) Program Assessment Instrument
Issues Brief #15 Fall 2006 School Shootings Position Paper
Issues Brief #16 Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) Annotated Bibliography
Issues Brief #17 School Resource Officers in KY: Who They Are and What They Do?
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