Tuesday February 18th 2020
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A positive, proactive and instructional approach to school-wide behavior management.

KYCID History

In 2001, the Commonwealth began an initiative to promote safe and supportive learning environments for Kentucky students and staff by launching the Kentucky Instructional Discipline and Support (K.I.D.S.) Project. The Kentucky Department of Education then expanded that program and created the Kentucky Center for Instructional Discipline (KYCID) - a statewide center dedicated to helping schools establish a culture and climate in which all students can be successful. KYCID is a proud host of the Kentucky PBIS Network (KYPBIS).

KYPBIS Mission Statement

The mission of the Kentucky PBIS Network (KYPBIS) is to train and support schools in the implementation of positive, proactive, and instructional strategies to help develop students who ultimately become self-disciplined, responsible, and productive members of their communities. Schools are encouraged to implement the multi-tiered PBIS framework when they are ready to make a commitment and then to move through each tier based on their own school's data and needs. A regional training calendar offers opportunities for training for schools, coaches, and administrators.

KYCID/KYPBIS coordinates efforts with the Kentucky Department of Education and other state agencies, as well as the Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), and the U.S. Department of Education.


The Center's objectives include:

  • Enhancing schools' abilities to help students achieve academic proficiency.
  • Promoting healthy school climates and effective school leadership.
  • Fostering the social and emotional wellness of all children and youth.
  • Involving families, communities, and related agencies to understand and support the PBIS framework.
  • Utilizing ongoing data collection for decision-making on multiple levels.


In working with districts and schools, the Center hopes to establish a commitment for participation from staff and other stakeholders. This commitment will include:
  • Establishing a schoolwide leadership or behavior support team to guide and direct the process. This team should be made up of an administrator, grade-level representatives, support staff, a mental health representative, and parents.
  • Securing the administrators' agreements of active support and participation.
  • Securing a commitment and agreement from at least 80% of the staff for active support and participation.
  • Conducting a self-assessment of the current school-wide discipline system.
  • Creating an implementation action plan that is based on school data.
  • Establishing a system to collect office referral and other data on a regular basis, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of school-wide efforts.
  • Ensuring the district/school assigns a qualified individual to serve as a coach.