Sunday January 17th 2021
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Safe School Assessment

Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCSS), Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), and Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance (KEMI) are collaborating to provide safe school assessments to any school in Kentucky. These informational, independent assessments are not to be confused with an audit. The voluntary assessment can enhance the school's learning environment by examining climate and culture.

Right- Jon Akers, Director of KCSS presents information on safe school assessments to a MSU class.

What Is The Safe School Assessment Process?

The safe school assessment provides the school with an independent look at the school's climate and culture as it relates to enhancing the learning environment. The safe school assessment process involves many aspects, including an examination of the school and recommendations. This also provides the school with a needs assessment that can be used in developing a school safety component of the school's Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.

Who Can Request A Safe School Assessment?

Any local school or school district can request a safe school assessment. This is not to be confused with an audit. This assessment is strictly a voluntary activity that includes an external assessment team that meets with the school principal, staff, students, and parents in order to gain information about the school environment.

Who's On The Visitation Team?

The visitation team can include representatives from three agencies: Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCSS), Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), and the Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance (KEMI).). A typical team consists of six representatives.

How Much Does A Safe School Assessment Cost?

A Safe School Assessment is a service provided by the Kentucky Center for School Safety at no cost to the school or district.

What Kind Of After Assessment Services Will I Receive?

The KCSS will provide or coordinate after-care service once a school determines what areas it wishes to address. This value-added component demonstrates the partners' intent to provide a continuum of services when called upon, at no cost or low cost to the school or district.

Who Should I Contact?

For more information about Safe School Assessments download our brochure or contact Barbara Gateskill Assessment Coordinator for Kentucky Center for School Safety by using the KCSS toll free number 1-877-805-4277 or

Partnership Appreciation

The partnership between the Kentucky Center for School Safety and Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance enhances and extends the quality of services that are being brought into many of Kentucky's school districts. This is evidenced through the valuable contribution of KEMI to the safe school assessment process. KEMI has loss education and safety specialists who become a part of the assessment whenever the superintendent of a KEMI-insured school requests KCSS' assessment service. During the assessment visit, these well-trained professionals carefully review the school's physical plant, working with the full assessment team to identify and make recommendations to correct or mitigate any safety vulnerability observed. These safety and health experts focus daily on the specific and unique needs of Kentucky schools to provide safer learning and working environments for students and staff. KEMI is a tremendous asset that helps school districts minimize risk and costly worker's compensation claims. Since 2013, KCSS has been able to provide schools with the additional support they seek for enhanced safety by working in partnership with KEMI.