Sunday January 17th 2021

Bullying Prevention Training

A news report of a child being bullied at school with tragic results is becoming all too common. While bullying behavior may be old news to most educators, the recognition that bullying is more than a necessary rite of passage and that schools can indeed prevent bullying continues to gain attention. This awareness has prompted numerous states to pass school anti-bullying laws with many more considering similar and orderly learning environment for all students which includes preventing the victimization of students by bullies.

The underpinning of the Kentucky Center for School Safety is that a safe, nurturing learning environment is essential to an effective and productive school. For that reason, KCSS is offers. anti-bullying trainings to assist school districts with understanding the impact of bullying effective strategies for change, and framework for implementing a Comprehensive Bullying Prevention Plan.

To learn more and to request training for your district, please complete the technical assistance training application and fax to Dan Orman at 502-783-1449 or email to You can also find this and other training opportunities online at
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