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Kentucky Safe Schools Data Project

Project Background Information
The Kentucky Center for School Safety serves as the central point for data analysis, research, and dissemination of information about successful school safety programs, research results, and new programs.

The Kentucky Safe Schools Data Project reflects federal and state guidelines for gathering outcome data and reporting on prevention programs and activities in Kentucky schools. The 1998-99 school year (July 1, 1998-June 30, 1999) was the pilot phase designed to acquaint Kentucky schools with the data collection instrument and electronic method of reporting. The resulting database is reported to the Kentucky Department of Education and the Kentucky Center for School Safety for analysis.

In 2004, the Department of Education and KCSS have collaborated to create more specific law violation definitions to be used in the reporting process. Hopefully, these new definitions will bring greater consistency to the data reported and greater validity to the analysis.

The reports below are the results of that analysis for the 2006-2007 academic year. All previous years, are located in the analysis archives.

All reports require Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the information.

2007 Combined Report
2007 Appendix A
2007 Appendix B Charts
2007 Appendix C Charts
2007 Appendix D Maps
2007 Appendix E Maps
2007 Appendix F - Using the Report
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