Thursday July 27th 2017
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SUPERhero Pledge

The Kentucky Center for School Safety announces Kentucky Safe Schools Week observance will be October 18-24, 2015.  This year’s theme “I Want to be a School Safety SUPERhero!”  will focus on building-up the self-esteem of the students in your school and defining the characteristics of a School Safety SUPER student!

To ensure that all environments in Kentucky schools are safe,

I pledge

       to be:

Strong and make good choices to improve myself and my school.
Understanding of others and realize everyone is unique with varied talents.
Powerful when overcoming conflict and report when another needs help; tell an adult, send an online tip or use a bully/tip box.
Encouraging when a fellow student needs reassurance.
Respectful of others and treat everyone as I want to be treated.

First Name:      Last Name:
County:      Role:

  Above 19