Thursday August 27th 2015
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Kentucky Safe Schools Week

The Kentucky Center for School Safety announces Kentucky Safe Schools Week, is set for  October 18-24, 2015.

This year's theme  “I WANT TO BE A SCHOOL SAFETY SUPERHERO...”  focuses on building-up the self-esteem of the students in your school, while working toward an environment free of Bullying, Cyberbullying, Harassment and Conflict.   From Superman to Captain America most Superheroes started with problems or issues and turned their uniqueness into a power or force.  They used their power for the  betterment of society.  The campaign highlights the word SUPER and qualities   necessary to be a SUPERHERO at school.   S-Strong, U-Understanding, P-Powerful, E-Encouraging and R-Respectful, by using these character words to teach and describe our students, they can become School Safety Superheroes!

Kentucky Safe Schools Week

Last Year's Lean On Me!
STOP the Bullying Resources still!

The SUPER HERO Shields below are hyperlinked to a webpage devoted to each letter of SUPER: S-strong, U-understanding, P-powerful, E-encouraging and R-repectful. Clink on all the shields to find kessons, activities, websites, powerpoints and more to use during Safe Schools Week or throughout the year.
S U p e e

Save the Date...Kentucky Safe Schools Week 2015

Ky Safe Schools Week 2015

Coming... (Check back to use the following resources)
Get your community involved and prior to KY Safe Schools Week
promote it in your area; in the newspaper, on the radio, on your school website, there is no limit!

Take the SUPERhero Pledge  

safety Pledge
This year’s theme   “I WANT TO BE A SCHOOL SAFETY SUPERHERO...”  focuses on pro-social skills training to promote a safer, more nurturing school environment.
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to take the “School Safety Superhero!” Pledge

We are inviting schools and communities across Kentucky to take the  online pledge from Paducah to Pikeville. Join the campaign, take the pledge and make your community aware of your district's devotion to a proactive approach to a safer school environment.