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Steve Kimberling Youth Leadership in School Safety Award Winners


The Youth Leadership in School Safety Award was established in loving memory of a great friend and state leader in school safety and dropout prevention…Steve Kimberling. Steve was known far and wide as being passionate about school safety. He has left a great legacy for all of us to follow in making schools safer for our precious children.

Steve believed in the connectivity of teachers and students. He believed that the climate and culture of the school environment was the most important element. He would say, “if the kids don’t feel safe…not much learning is going to take place.”

To that end, the Kentucky Center for School Safety, in partnership with the Kentucky School Boards Association, established the Steve Kimberling Youth Leadership in School Safety Award. This award is given to a school that demonstrates an exemplary model of teachers and students who work together in making the school environment safer.

The Steve Kimberling Youth Leadership in School Safety Award and a $500 check was awarded to Bullitt Central High School Drama Teacher Kevin Gose, Youth Service Center Coordinator Tonia Wiggins and students Anastasia Bell, Dalton Lee, Brandon Woodward, Kallen Juric, Rebecca Ralston, Devin Smith, Amber Hardesty, Allison Greer, Sierra Harvey, Evan McDaniel, Max Steck, Marissa Kayes, Isabella Browner, Corey Stearman and Ava Cooper during the Safe Schools and Communities Conference luncheon June 10th at the Marriott Inn East in Louisville. Kimberling’s wife, Vicki, and daughter, Heather, were onhand for the presentation along with District Safe Schools Coordinator Jaime Goldsmith and Bullitt Central High School Assistant Principal Rob Williams. http://www.bullittschools.org/wp/departments/superintendents/public-relations/2012-2013-photos/

2011 Steve Kimberling Youth Leadership in School Safety Award Winners

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