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Emergency Management Resource Guide

Biological Hazards


Emergency Management Resource Guide (pdf)

More so now than ever before, schools are faced with ongoing challenges. They must be prepared for a wide-range of emergency situations from natural disasters to threats of violence. Although schools may have established procedures for dealing with many emergency situations, many do not have these protocols collected in a coordinated, concise manner that are reviewed annually. The 2016 revision of the Emergency Management Resource Guide (full text pdf) is designed to assist during the planning stage both at the school and district levels.

Emergency Management Resource Guide  (Word Doc -Sections)

For districts and schools to make this guide into a useable plan for their specific set of criteria and to address collected school safety data the following sections of the Resource Guide are provided in an editable Word doc format.

Emergency Management Quick Reference Guide
flip chart

School emergencies are unexpected, unpredictable, and can take many forms. When developing school safety plans, Emergency Response Teams develop protocols to address threats or hazards specific to their school. This quick and easy reference guide (flip chart) is for immediate response and is not a complete school safety plan. This quick reference guide uses FEMA’s four categories of school related emergencies.

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