Monday October 15th 2018


Jun 13-14, 2016 - Law Enforcement in Schools Conference

This KCSS calendar event is a meeting, presentation or Safe School Assessment.


The registration system for the 2016 Law Enforcement in Schools Conference in now available online. We have added a new online payment option this year. The conference will take place June 13th and 14th at the Perkins Building in Richmond. The last 1/2 day is DARE mandatory only. A detailed agenda will be available by March. You can find registration fee and hotel information by clicking the link below. • Keynote Speaker – Monday, June 13th – Bernard James, Pepperdine University, School Law Expert • Keynote Speaker – Tuesday, June 14th – Bob Couchman, Internet Crimes Investigator • DARE Mandatory – Tuesday, June 14th (afternoon). The audience of this conference is law enforcement officers assigned to schools (SROs, DARE, and crime prevention), school administrators, safe schools coordinators, school board attorneys, and DPPs. We will be offering a special rate for school board attorneys only attending the first school law session. A flyer will be distributed soon. There will be several breakout sessions to choice from. Watch the website for more information. To register, go to: Click the yellow Law Enforcement in Schools title. Our website is currently under construction but this will take you right to the registration page.

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