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Jan. 31, 2014 - Safety Tipline : STOP! Bullying, Violence and Risky Behavior - Louisville, KY

This KCSS calendar event is a meeting, presentation or Safe School Assessment.


If all goes as planned, the STOP! Tipline will be offered “free of charge” to all Kentucky school districts starting in early February. This presentation will provide information and an overview of the tip line. The STOP! Tipline was launched on November 18th by a pilot group of seven school districts. They include: Crittenden County School District, Fulton Independent School District, Graves County School District, Henderson County School District, Hopkins County School District, Livingston County School District, and Mayfield Independent School District. Over the last six months representatives from each of these school districts collaborated with KCSS staff at the Resource Center at the College of Education on the campus of Murray State University helping to refine the tip line and the process used to manage it within the school district. The announcement of the STOP! Tipline comes on the heels of Kentucky Safe School Week and it aligns with this year’s theme “Safety Teamwork Opportunity Power; STOP! Bullying, Violence and Risky Behavior in our Schools! ( ) The STOP! Tipline is one more resource that can enhance each school’s Comprehensive Safe School Plan, which is always a work in progress to ensure the safety of Kentucky’s children.

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