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Dec. 5, 2013 - Drugs in Today's World - Corbin, KY

This KCSS calendar event is a meeting, presentation or Safe School Assessment.


This training is designed to assist school personnel with quick identification of how to spot when someone is impaired and help narrow the scope of what the person might be under the influence of. By no means is this course a certification. This is merely a training taught by a seasoned police officer to help in quick identification of drug usage and impairment and spot problems before they spiral out of control. It is, however, very informative and useful in many facets of your life. The course will cover the different categories and types of drugs, signs of impairment, methods of administration (how they used the drugs) and physical indicators. We will also cover current trends in the drug culture, drug paraphernalia, special topics, as well as all of the new synthetic drugs that are taking the world by storm (synthetic marijuana, K2, Spice, bath salts, etc).

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