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Aug. 26-30, 2013 - First Things First: Keeping Our Students Safe!

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August 26-30, 2013 - First Things First-Keeping Students Safe blitz week

With all the hustle and bustle and excitement of a new school year, along with the distraction of data, scores, and assessments, we lose sight of what matters most-the safety of our students. As educators, we need to put “First Things First.”

Blitz Week Activities
First Things First:
F – First Things First – Keeping Our Students Safe - Intro to School Safety Blitz Week (Monday)
I – Initiative – Practice now, Prepared later (Tuesday)
R –Resources - Key points for SB8/HB354 (Wednesday)
S – Safety – Being a First Responder, encouraging kids to step up and assist in times of emergencies (Thursday)
T – Top Priority – Your turn to be a First Responder – detailed activities for the year (Friday)

Are You a First Responder?
Traditionally, we think of police, fire, and rescue persons as first responders. But in reality, when there is an emergency situation at school, the students, teachers, principals and staff are the “first responders.” The first few moments after an incident has occurred are crucial. The actions of those on the inside could make all the difference in the outcome. It’s important that all involved parties know how to respond in each situation, keeping First Things First. Are you a first responder?

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